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PCIT: Phase Contrast Imaging and Tomography

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PCIT beamline features a white beam of hard X-rays with a cross-section of 20×8 mm2 and an energy range of about 4 – 12 keV.
From the source point, the beam travels through about 15 m of ultrahigh vacuum, then through a 500 µm thick Be window and about 1.7 m of air at normal conditions and a collimation set-up before impinging on the specimen.
After passing through, the X-rays are converted to visible photons by a CdWO4 scintillator and deflected by a mirror into CoolSNAP HQ2 high-sensitivity CCD camera (Photometrics, a division of Roper Scientific, Inc.).

Click to enlarge (Head and legs of the ant, Gecko's joint, Fish scale)

Phase Contrast Imaging and Tomography beamline at Singapore Synchrotron Light Source