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PCIT: Phase Contrast Imaging and Tomography

Contact person: Dr. Krzysztof Banas (
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Selected research topics done at PCIT:

- Imaging Cells and Tissues with Refractive Index Radiology
- Noninvasive Observation of External and Internal Membrane Filtration Phenomena by X-ray Microimaging
- Observation of flow characteristics in a hollow fiber lumen using non-invasive X-ray microimaging (XMI)
- Quantitative investigation of phase retrieval from X-ray phase-contrast tomographic images
- Volcanic rock samples internal structure evaluated by X-ray phase-contrast tomography

Click to enlarge (Polyacrylonitrile capillary for water filtration, 3D reconstruction of fiber after filtration with visible deposit, Scaffold: polycaprolactone–tricalcium phosphate (PCL–TCP) polymer matrix with CaP particles, Microfabricated SU-8 test structure)


Potential Phase Contrast Imaging Applications:
♦ polymer science and engineering,
♦ life sciences,
♦ bio- and biomedical engineering,
♦ biology and zoology,
♦ geology,
♦ water treatment and filtration,
♦ membrane science,
♦ materials science...