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Safety at SSLS

SSLS is committed to:
1. Conduct research activities in compliance with local laws and regulations related to occupational safety, health and environment.
2. Promote environmental, health and safety (EHS) awareness, through training and communication, to all staff, students and collaborators and motivate to be proactive and responsible for environmental protection, workplace health and safety.
3. Ensure all staff, users and visitors comply with the established policies and practices for EHS.
4. Assess health and safety hazards to provide safe work practices, prevent occupational diseases and damage to property.
5. Use materials and energy efficiently, minimize waste and improve waste handling.

Safety at SSLS is the concern and responsibility of each individual. Before starting work at SSLS, users have to study and sign "Users’ Safety Brief Ver. 2.0" concerning the specific beamline(s) they are accepted for. Users are encouraged to study the full SSLS Safety Management Manual. For any safety-related questions, users should not hesitate to ask the respective beamline scientist.

Users’ Safety Brief Ver. 2.0  
SSLS Safety Management Manual(Version 3.1)  

SSLS Operating Hours

The official operating hours of SSLS.
Monday – Thursday: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm
Friday: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

You are not encouraged to work after operating hours. In the case of an accident or emergency, immediate safety assistance may not be available.
You are not encouraged to work alone in the lab at all times. At least two persons must be around when you stay back. This is important in case of emergency.

Location of First Aid Kits (Click to enlarge)

Floor plan of SSLS (Includes location of spill kits and emergency showers) (Click to enlarge)

Location of Waste Chemicals Storage Area (Click to enlarge)

Emergency escape plan (Includes all exits and gathering point (Click to enlarge)

Location of Helios Emergency Stop(Click to enlarge)

Fire Emergency Procedure

In a fire emergency, the fire alarm will sound. Follow these instructions accordingly.
1) You must immediately evcaulate SSLS building using any of the 4 emergency fire exits.
2) Assemble at the carpark along Research link.
3) Do not leave the fire assembly point until your attendance is taken.
4) Do not re-enter SSLS until you are advice that it is safe to do so.

Accident/Incident reporting

1) Staff/student involved in the accident/incident should alert nearby personnel for assistance.
2) If it is a chemical spill, restrict access to the affected area.
3) Inform Director, Direct Supervisor and Laboratory Technologist.
4) If there are injuries sustained, immediately send staff/student to University Health Centre (Tel: 67731613) or National University Hospital A&E (Tel: 6779 5555)
5) Reported to OSHE within 24 hours via online reporting "Accident/Incident Reporting System" (AIRS) using the following link:

SSLS First-aiders

SSLS has qualified first aiders should the need arise. Below is the list of first-aiders and their contact numbers.
Name of first-aider Office Telephone
Chew Eh Piew 6516 4748
Miao Hua 6516 4750
The list of first-aiders and contact numbers can also be found at all the first aid boxes.

Useful contact numbers

Service Name Telephone
Fire/ HAZMAT/ Ambulance 995
Non-Emergency Ambulance Service 1777
NUS Campus Security Post 6874 1616
Singapore Police force 999
Clementi Police Divisional HQ 6772 5990
NUH Enquiry Service 6779 5555

Incident Response Taskforce (IRT) Contact List

Lab/Office Name Name of representative Office Telephone
Shift Leader Dr. Li Zhiwang 6516 7931
Director Prof. Mark B. H. BREESE 6516 7930
XDD Beamline Dr. YANG Ping 6516 4749
ISMI Beamline Dr. Agnieszka BANAS 6516 7005
SINS Beamline Dr. YU Xiaojiang 6516 7951
PCIT Beamline Dr. Krzysztof BANAS 6516 7837
LiMiNT Beamline Dr. Sascha Pierre 6516 3228
XAFCA Beamline Dr. Du Yonghua 6516 1004

Emergency response plan and Risk assessments

Title Download
SSLS General Equipment
Experimental room setup
Fire, chemical spill and radiation Emergency Response Plan
SSLS Beamline

Safety signs in SSLS

Covered shoes must be worn at all times within the premises of SSLS.
No eating or drinking in SSLS. Eating and drinking is only allowed in the pantry room.
High voltage is present within the room. Un-authorized personnel are not allowed to enter without permission.
High temperature may be present on equipment surface. Do not go near or touch equipment.
Harmful radiation may be present inside. Do not enter room without authorization.
Ultra-low temperature liquid or gases may be present inside. Direct skin exposure will cause serious frost burn. Untrained personnel must not mantle with pressure valves and container.