Workshop on
In-situ Synchrotron-based characterization of surface and interfaces using the SUV and SINS beamlines at SSLS

28 February 2018, 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
The SUV (Soft X-ray - Ultraviolet) and the SINS (Surface, Interface and Nanostructure Science) beamlines at SSLS are of state-of-the-art facilities producing photons with selective polarization, i.e. linear and circular polarized light. Their photon energy range is from soft X-ray to ultraviolet, covering the K-edges of light elements, L-edges of transition metals and M-edges of rare-earth metals. The end-stations are equipped with a 2D static-electron energy analyser, photon detectors, superconducting magnets and in-vacuum diffractometer, with controllable sample temperature, which can be used for various optical, spectroscopy, reflectance and scattering measurements. These facilities aim to study and distinguish the interplay between spin, charge, orbital and lattice degrees of freedom of advanced materials in different fields from solid state physics to molecular electronic systems, with various forms including nanoparticles, self-assembled monolayers, ultrathin films and bulk materials.

This one-day workshop is aimed at scientists from different fields who are interested in using Synchrotron-based spectroscopy and scattering measurements available with ultraviolet and soft X-ray photons at SSLS.

Organised by: Professor Mark Breese (Chair)), NUS, SSLS
Associate Professor Andrivo Rusydi, NUS, Dept of Physics
Dr. Diao Caozheng, NUS, SSLS
Dr. Yu Xiaojiang, NUS, SSLS

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