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Dive into nano –world using infrared light at the ISMI beamline

February 23rd 2017

Aims & scope of meeting

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) is a well-established and robust technique for the chemical and structural characterization of materials. Successful applications of this method have been already proved for many fields, from material science and chemistry to biology, medicine and forensics. In addition, by using the brilliance advantage of infrared synchrotron radiation sources it is possible to reach the diffraction limit. Infrared spectromicroscopy with the lateral resolution down to 1 µm is nowadays a routine at synchrotrons.

Recent scientific and technical improvements allow for breaking the far-field diffraction limit and dramatically improving the spatial resolution down to the nanometer range. By combining the near-field microscopes with IR sources it is possible to offer unprecedented opportunities in material characterization. Additionally, electronic, plasmonic, magnetic, and structural dynamic at the nanometer scale can be investigated by coupling ultrafast optical sources with near-field probes.

This one-day workshop is devoted to current research highlights and future development of the Infrared Spectroscopy and MIcroscopy (ISMI) beamline of the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source. There will be a mixture of invited and contributed talks presenting recent research highlights as well as representatives of market leaders from the field of infrared spectroscopy, nano-scale IR and s-SNOM.

Selected topics of the workshop:
• combining microfluidic devices with IR microscope for live cells analysis
• multimodal approach in the investigation of polymer carbon nanotubes interface
• advancements in tuneable metamaterials characterisation
• FTIR spectroscopy and spectromicroscopy in biology and medicine
• recent technological advancements and innovative applications achieved with near-field microscopes
• potentialities of the IR-based techniques in the field of material science especially novel 2D materials
• upgrade of ISMI beamline and brand new research opportunities

Meeting format: The meeting will take place over one full day and will comprise a number of invited and contributed talks across the whole spectrum of applications of Infrared Spectroscopy and Microscopy

Lecture Theatre 53 (LT 53)
Stephen Riady Centre, Level 2
University Town (UTown)
National University of Singapore
2 College Avenue West
Singapore 138607
(Location map and directions can be found here,

Date: February 23rd 2017 (during NUS recess week)

Organized by: Professor Mark Breese (chair), Dr. Agnieszka Banas, Dr. Krzysztof Banas, Dr. Pranjal Kumar Gogoi, of the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS)

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Cost: This meeting will be free of charge to all attendees

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