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Workshop on Capabilities & Applications of the XAFCA beamline at SSLS

February 21st 2017

Aims & scope of meeting

The interest in using various modes of X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) for characterising new materials continues to increase due to the unique capabilities of these techniques to unravel structural and electronic properties of materials with a wide range of applications. The aim of this workshop is to gather scientists from different fields that are currently using XAS to learn from each other experience and to discuss how to enhance the capabilities and applications of the XAFCA (X-ray Absorption Fine structure for Catalysis) beamline at SSLS, particularly for in-situ experiments and data acquisition.

Meeting format: The meeting will take place over one full day and will comprise a number of invited talks across the whole spectrum of applications of XAFCA

Lecture Theatre 53 (LT 53)
Stephen Riady Centre, Level 2
University Town (UTown)
National University of Singapore
2 College Avenue West
Singapore 138607
(Location map and directions can be found here,

Date: February 21st 2017 (during NUS recess week)

Organized by: the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS) and the Institute for Chemical Engineering Science (ICES), ASTAR

Programme: Download Programme

Co-chaired by: Professor Mark Breese (SSLS) and Dr. Armando Borgna (ICES)



Cost: This meeting will be free of charge to all attendees

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