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ISMI: Infrared Spectro/Microscopy

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ISMI (Infrared Spectro/Microscopy) beamline provides a state-of-the-art Fourier Transform IR spectrometer and microscope to supply diffraction-limited spatial resolution to an ever-widening range of infrared spectroscopy experiments. Synchrotron based source provides a versatile infrared source that covers a spectral range from 10000 to 10 cm-1 and has considerable brightness advantages over conventional (thermal) IR sources enabling IR experiments with high resolution and studies of extremely small samples.

FTIR analysis applications:

♦ Chemistry in biological tissues
♦ Chemical identification and molecular conformation
♦ Electronic properties of novel materials
♦ Environmental studies
♦ Forensic sciences
♦ Life sciences
♦ Material sciences (evaluation and identification)
♦ Mineral phases in geological and astronomical specimens
♦ Polymers
♦ Quality control screening

Why Infrared Spectroscopy?
Infrared spectroscopy has been a workhorse technique for materials analysis in the laboratory for over seventy years. An infrared spectrum represents a fingerprint of a sample with absorption peaks which correspond to the frequencies of vibrations between the bonds of the atoms making up the material.
Because each different material is a unique combination of atoms, no two compounds produce the exact same infrared spectrum. Therefore, infrared spectroscopy can result in a positive identification (qualitative analysis) of every different kind of material. In addition, the size of the peaks in the spectrum is a direct indication of the amount of material present. With modern software algorithms, infrared is an excellent tool for quantitative analysis.